How we do it - Functional Vibes


Our 12 golden rules


We do it because we love it

Call it passion, call it love. What we do is more than a job for us: it’s discovery, gratification, zeal for healthy human relations… And, last but not least, we have fun doing it!

We believe in science and creativity

Scientific evidence is our cornerstone, you having fun is our North Star.
That's why you'll never get two identical training sessions at Functional Vibes


We think like tailors

Forget the standard fitness plan that suits everyone. We’ll listen to your needs and assess your skills for the most satisfactory and personalised movement experience


We love to tell you “why”

Sharing the reasons behind the process and firing up your curiosity is our way to keep you on track.
Education is the key.


We don’t like shortcuts

Taking care of your health requires time. In order to maximise it, we offer you a mix of attention to details, clear ideas, and patience.


We prefer quality over quantity

Your body needs respect. We perfectly know that an efficient movement technique is a non-negotiable requirement for an injury-free training programme.


We’ll be there for you

We love to take care of our people even beyond the training session. A short message to ask you how you feel, or just a cup of coffee listening to whatever you would like to share. One thing is for sure: you won't feel alone in the process.


We’re here to change your life

Exercise is a powerful medicine, especially when mixed with good vibes. When you feel stronger and happier, every single day shines again. We’d love to be witnesses (and somewhat makers) of this seismic shift.

We don’t do mediocre

We are all about your needs. We’re obsessed with exceeding expectations, that’s why we take care of all the details. And when we achieve a goal, our instinctive reaction is to set a new one


We believe a Coach should never stop learning

International trainings and congresses, technical team meetings and scientific readings are our bread and butter. Human health is a marvelous but complex topic, ever progressing; that’s why we keep educating ourselves.


We live for that smile

You are the reason that we exist and your happiness is our fulfilment. There's nothing more powerful than your happy face to remind us how much we love what we do. Day after day.

We’re optimistic by nature

We believe in the power of a positive attitude, which can change the brain and therefore the perception of the world around us. Come to us and you'll feel our FUNCTIONAL VIBES!