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Marco Mantovani

Movement Specialist

My name is Marco, and I started my career following a great passion for sport that has been passed on to me by my family since I was a child, especially by my father who is an athlete.

To me movement is linked to the concept of health. In fact, I love to help people feel better, physically and mentally and for this goal, there is nothing better than practicing sport. Moving and training with a coach can really help you feel happy with your body, and consequently increase awareness and satisfaction in your everyday life. I also love competition, challenges, and the process that leads to a successful result. For this reason, my mission is to help people reach their goals and push their limits to be healthy and satisfied with their lives.

I love following my clients with professionalism, dedication and friendship, building a solid relationship of trust.

My motto is: “Stay obsessed, don't quit, enjoy the process”.