Maxime Kerhousse - Functional Vibes

Maxime Kerhousse

Movement Specialist

My name is Maxime, and I am here because I am first and foremost a sports addict. As long as I can remember, I’ve been moving and practicing various sports until I settled for Handball, still playing to this day for one of the national leagues with my club.

Helping people is probably what I enjoy doing the most in life and if you add sports, you can easily understand why I chose to be a personal trainer. I know from experience that the best way to feel good about yourself, to blow off some steam and to reduce the feeling of tiredness is to move and work out.

Physical pain, mental health issues, being overweight or out of shape and overall everyday fatigue are all problems that can be resolved (or at least greatly reduced) through physical activity. Guiding you through these challenges is where I come in. My role is to be your teammate, working our way together towards your goal, whatever it may be.

My motto is: "Failure is success in progress" - A. Einsten