Corporate Wellness - Functional Vibes

Corporate Wellness

The programme for healthy, productive and happy employees

Our innovative approach to health promotion provides a highly professional experience, but also amusement and good vibes: a real breakthrough in each participant’s life

    This will result in huge benefits such as:
  •  - Increased productivity and wellbeing
  •  - Decrease in absenteeism and health care costs
  •  - Deeper sense of belonging of the staff



Our Interactive Workshops offer a mix of theory and practice and provide practical, actionable tools and solid health principles based on cutting-edge scientific evidence and clinical experience, to immediately improve the quality of everyday life.

The attendees will be inspired to make a sustainable shift towards a healthier lifestyle, resulting in concrete benefits in the long term.

We will light up curiosity while sharing with them the underlying, fascinating mechanisms that regulate the functioning of the human body: crucial elements of physiology and behavioural neuroscience will be made accessible by using a simple language and clear examples.

A rich catalogue of educational modules allow us to offer a tailored programme: posture and ergonomics in the workplace, teleworking management, and exercise as a means to prevent and deal with psychophysical disorders (such as chronic stress and burnout) are just a few examples of the topics we cover.

Duration, schedule and timing of each workshop will be discussed according to the specific needs of your company.

Our educational events can take place in the company premises, in Belgium or in the rest of Europe as well, or in our headquarters in the heart of Brussels.

Our Corporate Functional Training program is the best way to improve the efficiency and the resilience of each participant’s body.

Having a Functional Vibes highly qualified Coach available in the company premises or booked in our training center every week will allow the employees to improve their wellness and mood in no time. And at the end of each session the levels of creativity and problem solving skills will be boosted, resulting in an increase in productivity.

Our training method, based on scientific evidence and clinical experience, is aimed to fix postural issues related to sitting position (desk position, long trips by plane…) and sedentary lifestyle.

The main focus will be on mobility, flexibility, core training, strength and coordination, while a Training Program as “homework” for the employees will improve the consistency and will make them achieve their goals in a healthy and effective way.

Our project “Team Building in Motion” is aimed to build up a collaborative, proactive and driven team.

There is nothing better than a sport or movement experience to connect a work team, and the benefits are immediate: empathy, mutual help, sense of belonging and, as a result, productivity will skyrocket.

Team sport tournaments, hiking or biking in the forest, outdoor training immersed in nature, or atypical sport activities such as roller skating or bouldering are just a few examples of the activities we propose.

We will take care of every single detail in the organisation of the event: the participants will enjoy an unforgettable experience in a safe environment, guided and and assisted by our Wellness Specialists.

Workplace Assessment and Postural Analysis are our way to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders, which represent the first cause of work absenteeism together with mental illness.

In particular, the workplace assessment will allow us to identify all the potential risk factors related to a specific work-station, while our postural analysis will reveal whether the work environment (in addition to heavy workloads and repetitive tasks) may have affected the employees’ musculoskeletal health.

According to the outcomes of workplace assessment and postural analysis we will provide the participants with practical advice and specific tools to improve their wellbeing. Periodical follow ups will be proposed as well to track the improvements in terms of a decrease in musculoskeletal symptoms and in order to propose adjustments if necessary.

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