The movement EXPERIENCE


The recipe for your happiness is our professional approach to FUNCTIONAL movement plus a ton of good VIBES.

Our customised training plan and evidence-based method are what you need to create a new and healthy routine. You’ll rediscover the pleasure of looking at yourself in the mirror with a smile.

We want this to be your happy place, the “stress-free zone” you look for to spend your precious time. You’ll live an unforgettable movement experience with us taking good care of you.

You're the reason we exist. Improving your wellbeing is our mission. We’re a team of highly qualified Coaches and we’re good listeners too. We’ll find the strategy that suits you and your needs best.

Our Training Center, in the heart of the European district of Brussels, is the ideal place to focus on yourself. Our environment ensures privacy and comfort, while a cosy waiting room provides the perfect setting to connect with others or just to enjoy a coffee. Bright and elegant spaces, separate changing rooms, spacious lockers, and modern bathrooms with showers are the icing on the cake of a unique journey.

Let's move

  • Personal training

    Even in its imperfection, your body is mother nature’s masterpiece. It needs and deserves respect. Take care of it by choosing our individual Training Programme, which offers you a flexible schedule, constant support, and total dedication.

  • Small Group Training

    The professional assistance of a highly qualified Coach plus the fun atmosphere to workout with others. Share your Training Programme with your partner, your colleagues, some friends or take a leap on your own and we guarantee you will soon make new friends (maximum 4 people).

  • Functional Yoga

    Focus on your breathing, explore new movements and release your muscular tensions… We integrate the millenarian practice of Yoga with modern scientific knowledge to increase your body’s awareness, dissolve stress and re-centre your mind.

  • ABCDance

    Take your first steps in dance and let yourself be swept away by the music. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’ll improve your mobility, coordination and body language. Maybe you'll become an “étoile” at the Opera in Paris, or you’ll just be so happy with your first arabesque.

  • Boot Camp Vibes

    In the beautiful setting of “Parc du Cinquantenaire”, be ready for a one of a kind regenerating activity! Good company, great fun and a boost of energy are just some of the huge benefits of our outdoor workout. And, by the way, the weather is not an issue when the sun shines inside!