Your movement EXPERIENCE

Personal Movement Coaching

"Movement is medicine", as they say. This is so true: exercise can do wonders to prevent psychophysical issues or to recover from a number of them. But as any other drug, the dose, the frequency and the composition are essential.
You would never take medicine that is not exactly what you need, right? And you are probably always very careful to comply with the dosage your doctor prescribes. Well, the same goes for physical activity: the combination of specific exercises, the frequency and intensity of your training sessions and the accuracy of your execution are crucial for achieving your goals safely.
Our Personal Movement Coaching is what you need to make exercise a real, powerful medicine with no side effects. Based on the outcomes of our Movement Essentials Screening, your individual training program will be the most tailored, accurate and effective you can imagine.
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Small Group Training

Ideal for clients who have already followed a Personal Movement Coaching program with us, Small Group Classes are in principle open to newbies: if you don't have any muscular/joint complaints and you feel fit enough to start with a more intense and enlivened program, this is the option for you.
You'll be coached by a highly qualified Coach while the fun atmosphere to work out with cool people just like you.
Share your Training Programme with your partner, your colleagues or some friends, or take a leap on your own and we guarantee you will soon make new friends.
Small Group Classes are composed of 2 to 4 participants who are matched according to baseline fitness levels and needs: no risk of frustration or boredom, your training mates will be amazing allies to boost your motivation and achieve your goals.
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