Aziz - Functional Vibes


Movement Specialist

Hi, my name is Aziz, and throughout my life, I have been engaged with a lot of sports activities, thanks to my parents. They have been athletes from their young age and have been my greatest inspiration.

In fact, I had the opportunity to become a professional player in my favorite sport, handball, and have played at the highest level in France for a few years.

From there, my purpose is to help others reach their goals, prepare them for competition and achieve excellence. Whether it is for beginners or elite athletes wanting to reach their potential in competitive sport, I can provide qualified programs to help my clients reach better results, respond to all their needs and be more confident.

My mission is to prevent physical pain, mental health issues and solve all the fatigue related problems.

My motto is: "Give your weakness to one who helps.” Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī